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The Paper Boutique Sweet Tweets Insert Collection
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The Paper Boutique Sweet Tweets Insert Collection

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The Sweet Tweets Insert Collection featuring the stunning \nartwork of the whimsical birds with beautiful floral blossoms all in shades of \nblues & purples.

A.    Contents \n– 40 x A4 \nInsert papers in assorted designs


1.     \n4 \nx A4 sheets Floral frame insert

2.     \n4 \nx A4 sheets Lavender Sprigs insert

3.     \n4 \nx A4 sheets Floral borders insert

4.     \n4 \nx A4 sheets Sweet Tweets insert

5.     \n4 \nx A4 sheets Fabulous Feathers insert

6.     \n4 \nx A4 sheets Floral corners insert

7.     \n4 \nx A4 sheets Floral side border insert

8.     \n4 \nx A4 sheets Floral centre panel insert

9.     \n4 \nx A4 sheets Sweet Tweets corner insert

10.  4 x A4 sheets Floral \nPlanter insert

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