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KNITTING BOOK - Jean Greenhowe's Little Gift Dolls
KNITTING BOOK - Jean Greenhowe's Little Gift Dolls
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KNITTING BOOK - Jean Greenhowe's Little Gift Dolls

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Gift Dolls

Here is a wonderful collection of eighteen easy knit characters - all 18cm (7in) high and made from the same  pattern which is simplicity itself.  Each doll takes less than 14g (½oz) of yarn and there is a Gift Doll for almost any occasion.  The basic doll shape is knitted in just one piece, from the feet to the top of the head.  The illusion of separate legsBride and Groom and feet is achieved with a line of stitching through the doll.  The knitted hair pieces also ensure success every time - no fiddling with lengths of yarn, the hair fits just like a cap.

Chimney Sweep

The Bride and Groom make the perfect present for a newly married couple - a lasting memento of the happy day.

It was once a sign of good luck if a chimney sweep attended a wedding ceremony. Why not revive this tradition in a unique way by presenting our Chimney Sweep to the bride as a delightful good luck keepsake?


Anyone under the weather will certainly be cheered up by the sweet little Nurse, complete with tiny knitted hot water bottle and miniature bouquet of flowers.

The Bellboy is ideal for Bell Boy and Miss Valentineany celebration or party. His bottle of champagne is so realistic you can almost hear the cork popping!

Baby Dolls

Commemorate the arrival of a new baby with these two adorable Baby Dolls - pink for a girl, blue for a boy. To make these charmers extra special, the bibs can be embroidered with the baby’s own initial.

Miss Valentine is a lovely present for February 14th. With her heart-shaped hat Clownand a little gift in her hand she will tell someone how much you care. This Witchappealing doll can also be given as a birthday gift or for mother’s day.

For Halloween, the children will just love the Witch, complete with  broomstick and pointy hat.

The colourful Clown spells out the message ‘With Love’.  A truly personal gift for that special someone in your life.

Little Boy Blue, Little Bo Peep and the Tooth Pixie
Toy Soldier and Superkid

As for presents for the children, knit the Toy Soldier and Superkid, (excellent for boys). The Tooth Pixie is just the thing for those lost baby teeth. Little Boy Blue and Little Bo Peep are nursery tale characters for the youngsters.  And who could resist the jolly Jelly Babies?

Jelly Babies and Chef

For a particular anniversary or birthday the Chef is a real winner. Mark the occasion by embroidering his cake with the date or year being celebrated.  OrSnowman and Christmas Tree Fairy why not pop him on top of a real cake as a souvenir of the happy day?

Finally, we have not forgotten Christmas!  Our cheerful Snowman wears cute ear muffs and a cosy scarf while the Christmas Tree Fairy will look just marvellous at the very top of your tree.

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