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KNITTING BOOK - Jean Greenhowe's Knitted Hedgehogs
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KNITTING BOOK - Jean Greenhowe's Knitted Hedgehogs

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Town Crier

Here is a collection of eight charming Hedgehogs to knit as unique keepsake gifts for every occasion. They are free-standing and measure 26cm [10¼in] in height. Each character has their own unique gift tag to record commemorative details such as names and dates, as well as your personal greetings. The gift tags are made from cardboard and paper and are edged with attractive knitted pieces. 


Town Crier

The Town Crier is splendidly dressed in authentic costume of the 18th century and the detail is exquisite. Suitable for any special event, he proclaims your greetings with style.  Although his outfit may look complicated, Jean has used her clever ‘illusion’ techniques to make everything as simple as can be. For example, the knee breeches are knitted-in as part of the legs and the yellow waistcoat which appears to be a separate garment is, in fact, two knitted strips sewn inside the coat. The coat itself is made from just three pieces, the body and two sleeves.  The shirt frills are also wonderfully easy to knit. One of Jean’s amusing touches is the Hedgehog’s 18th century ‘wig’, complete with side curls and an irresistible queue, tied with a decorative ribbon!

Postman Hedgehog


In real life the postman delivers our greetings and gifts, so the Postman Hedgehog is suitable for almost any occasion or celebration. The mail bag can be used to contain a gift, chocolates or sweets. And here’s another lovely idea. When the grandchildren come to call, they can open the mail bag to find a different surprise each time! What has the postman delivered today?


For the grown-ups, items such as small gifts, book tokens, cinema and theatre tickets and restaurant vouchers can all be presented in a novel way. Postmen are especially welcome if they turn up as cute little Hedgehogs!

Clown Hedgehog

Our adorable Clown Hedgehog comes with loving wishes and a party balloon for the greetings. There are two decorative accessories to choose from, a parcel or a bouquet of flowers. The heart motif is ideal for Valentine’s day, a special anniversary or Mother’s day.  The Clown’s frills are superbly constructed in rib, using two different sizes of knitting needles.


Sandwich Board Hedgehog

The Sandwich Board Hedgehog’s boards provide so much space that they could record most of the details for a wedding, the bride and groom, bridesmaids, best man, time, date, place and even a photograph of the happy day. A charming memento of an important occasion. Or for a sporting event or achievement, just think of the number of names which could be listed, together with the time and place of the venue. The Hedgehog then becomes a sporting trophy.


Alternatively, in sandwich board tradition why not announce your greetings in very large letters!

Chimney Sweep Hedgehog


Where would you find a variety of lucky charms all in one place? On the Chimney Sweep Hedgehog!  Traditionally, it used to be considered good luck if a sweep turned up at a wedding.  So, our sweep himself is a lucky mascot for the big day. In addition, he has sprigs of white heather, a four-leaf clover, horseshoe and lucky red spider. You will love him to bits! His realistic sweeping brush and poles are made from drinking straws and  you will no doubt enjoy marking on the sooty smudges with pencil. The chimney sweeps’ soot sack can be used for a variety of gifts, or fill the sack with gold-wrapped chocolate coins for a delicious treat.


Christmas Hedgehog

Jean didn’t forget the Christmas season and she has included a Hedgehog with a Santa hat and a miniature Christmas stocking. This Hedgehog is very special because he can be made as ‘Santa’s Hedgehog helper’.  The little ones can write their requests to Santa and pop them in the stocking. The letter disappears overnight and is replaced with sweets, chocolate or a small toy and most exciting of all, a letter from Santa – magic!  Jean has conjured up this lovely idea because there are so few open fires to send messages to Santa up chimneys these days. Just imagine the fond childhood memories of this character and the joy of receiving a personal letter from Santa, through his faithful assistant. This Hedgehog also makes a splendid Christmas gift or a seasonal decoration for the sideboard.

Baby Girl Hedgehog

Baby Girl and Baby Boy Hedgehogs

Now, think new babies, toddler’s birthdays, Christenings, keepsakes and congratulations.  The Baby Girl and Boy Hedgehogs are the most perfect presents. They are so cute and cuddly you will have to knit one (or two) for yourself.  Both sweet Hedgehogs are made from the same pattern with a choice of two different accessories – a very realistic soother and a baby rattle.  In addition, the baby’s initial or age can be embroidered on the little bibs. Who could resist?


In this booklet Jean has also provided a list of occasions as shown below. But remember, these characters can be tailored to suit any kind of message or good wishes. Perhaps you’d like to say ‘Thank you for looking after the budgerigar’, or ‘Congratulations you learned to swim!’ 

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