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KB Looms - Loom Double Hooks
KB Looms - Loom Double Hooks
  • SKU: KB4599

KB Looms - Loom Double Hooks

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Knit even faster! Loop over two pegs at the same time and reduce knitting time. This new 'patent pending' double knit hook works great with single knitting ewrap stitches and all double knitting. Two hook set for small and large gauge knitting.


Knitting Gauge:  small gauge knit hook (orange), and large gauge knit hook (purple)

Hook Spacing: orange double hook 3/8" spacing between metal points, purple double knit hook 1.5" spacing between metal points

Size:  6" length

Material: High grade plastic handle with stainless steel hooks

Recommend small gauge, orange double hook with most KB Looms, recommend large gauge, purple double hook with large gauge looms.

Kit includes: (2) Loom Double Hooks