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7 Books - Cross Stitch Motif Book Collection
7 Books - Cross Stitch Motif Book Collection
7 Books - Cross Stitch Motif Book Collection
7 Books - Cross Stitch Motif Book Collection
7 Books - Cross Stitch Motif Book Collection
7 Books - Cross Stitch Motif Book Collection
7 Books - Cross Stitch Motif Book Collection
7 Books - Cross Stitch Motif Book Collection

7 Books - Cross Stitch Motif Book Collection

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BOOK 1 - Easy Cross Stitch Series 1: Flowers by Maria Diaz
Each title in the Easy Cross Stitch series provides a beautiful collection of designs to inspire and challenge beginning stitchers. These thematic resource books offer an easy-to-follow, full-color chart and a color key on every page. 

Full of vibrant floral cross-stitch designs, this crafting companion uses a variety of colors and endless shapes to capture the wonder of the natural world. Organized by color and by flower type, including popular varieties such as roses and lavender, this portable craft book is an ideal guide for anyone who wants to create decorative table cloths, cushions, or other household linens. Smaller designs that serve well on a greeting card or combine to make up a lovely sampler are also included.

BOOK 2 - Easy Cross Stitch Series 2:Baby by Maria Diaz
This guide book gives crafters a wonderful excuse to satisfy their cross-stitch passions with the arrival of a new baby. With patterns that include rockets, boats, dinosaurs, princesses, and horse drawn carriages, this book is packed with bright ideas to help decorate the nursery for any boy or girl. The patterns, which are perfect for beginning and advanced stitchers, can be used to make fun greeting cards, to patch onto change bags, to add colour to bed linens or clothing, or to simply create a beautiful sampler to commemorate the happy arrival.

BOOK 3 - Easy Cross Stitch Series 3: Food by Maria Diaz
This jam-packed cross-stitch book offers a delectable collection of designs to celebrate food. Starting with fruity indulgences, it goes on to sumptuous French Patisseries, in every shape and size. Several fun food motifs are also included to ornament table linens, tea towels, or other kitchen decor.

BOOK 4 - Easy Cross Stitch Series 4: Borders by Maria Diaz
A variety of borders--from strong, geometric patterns to pretty, flower-inspired designs--are included in this cross-stitch book. The borders can be used to decorate tablecloths, towels, or cushions, and the book offers inspiration to put them together to produce an original sampler all your own.

BOOK 5 - Cross Stitch Mini Motifs: Vintage - More Than 60 Mini Motifs
The wide variety of vintage motifs found in this book can be used to decorate clothing, tea towels, cushions, aprons, and little bags and purses with beautiful cross stitch.

From vintage-style hats, clothes, and shoes, to retro-style film, cinema, and theater motifs, the easy-to-follow patterns can please any crafter. For animal lovers there are cute little Scottie dogs and dachshunds, and those who love to stitch floral designs, there are floral garlands, beautiful old-fashioned roses, a Parisian style flower shop, and a shabby-chic bicycle overflowing with flowers.

The designs are beautifully patterned and shaded, and can be framed to make into sweet little pictures or can also be used to make greeting cards.

BOOK 6 - Cross Stitch Mini Motifs: Nature
From flowers to animals, there is a wealth of cross stitch designs included in this book that are inspired by nature. The floral patterns are both individual flowers and larger floral scenes such as a charming country cottage in a floral garden setting, a summer house by the sea, a garden scene which incorporates a pretty garden shed, and a decorative floral garland.

Choose from small designs to make into greetings cards, coasters, purses, and embellishing clothes, and larger designs which could be used to make framed pictures, cushions, tea towels and notebook covers.

Included are easy to follow color and symbol charts.

BOOK 7 - Cross Stitch Mini Motifs: Hearts, Birds & Flowers - More Than 60 Mini Motifs

With inspiration drawn from the author's love of nature, a theme that lends itself well to cross-stitching and embroidery, this guidebook includes dozens of motifs of birds, flowers, and simple heart designs. From a colorful peacock, red roses, and sweet peas to bluebirds, owls, and patchwork hearts, the featured patterns in can be used for any number of home crafting projects, including greeting cards, framed pictures, pincushions, bookmarks, or to decorate a cushion or a bag.

The simple motifs can be created individually or combined for more elaborate patterns, making this book a perfect resource for beginning and veteran stitchers.